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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. I'm so excited to be sharing the latest edition ( 5th) of SEO Made Simple. This book is now printed in over a dozen countries.
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Not only do subheadings break up pages to keep them more engaging, which helps user experience and SEO, it also allows you to write about more content, include more keywords, and try to rank for more things. They also help with automatically generating sub-navigation with plugins like Table of Contents Plus , which can result in improved Google exposure:. You should keep subheadings highly relevant to the main topic of the page, but they can also be used on e-commerce stores. They also cleverly include links to other relevant car battery related information within their site, which in turn all links back to this main category page.

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I advise using something similar, but definitely something that is at least a slight change to your on-page title. By setting a meta description, you are giving yourself a chance to pitch your post to a reader to make them click. What can they expect from your post? Yes, pressured by myself. And by you , faceless person. Meta titles and descriptions are things that can be monitored performance-wise in Google Search Console and tweaked every few months for further ranking improvements and higher volumes of clicks.

Remember when you were a stupid, smelly child and you loved the pictures in books more than the words? I generally try to keep image sizes below kb, although of course there will be exceptions to this when the image looks too distorted. If an NFL website started talking about the likes of Manchester United and the Premier League on its homepage, Google might not be able to tell whether the website is about real football or American Football. It was awful to read, but it worked. But to be so smart it does need your assistance. There is often no definitive evidence that things work with Google, only correlations.

But they do correlate with higher rankings and increased visibility, so, yeah.

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Links to specific posts that you want to rank is also the perfect situation, although links to your homepage or other pages on your site will also prove beneficial and will help you to keep a natural and balanced backlink profile. However, the more work you put into the first two things, the more likely you are to reap the rewards of the third. Manual linkbuilding, i.

Social networking sites, major forums and relevant business directories are all places you can sign-up for an easy backlink. In contrast, outreach — and acquiring natural links from respectable bloggers or journalists — is hard, time consuming, and has a low and declining success rate. But results can be monstrous.

Secret #1: Create landing pages for different locations

Not only does it take time to find and contact hundreds of relevant candidates for linking to your stuff, you also have to ensure you have something worthy of linking to. A great thing about outreach is that it can lead to a spike in natural exposure, backlinks and virality. This will likely result in tens or hundreds of other websites picking up on the story and many will also use your content as a reference. Online music accessory retailer Superfi made use of hype around the first new Star Wars movie in a while to release their Star Wars bands content. Do not mislead Google. The above points are the most important variables for search engine optimization.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Did I miss anything that should be essential when it comes to SEO? Add your voice in the comments. Learn Forum News. Tweet this to your followers. Three letters to know if you want your content found. Image: benjamin bannister What have I learned from creating content for the internet? Next question: What is Google. Quality content is worth more than quantity.

Image: benjamin bannister I. If you forget that quality content is a top priority, then you can forget about having an SEO strategy. Quality still ranks at the top, the only difference now is The Algorithm favors the original creators , and their work deservedly shows at the top. Who is Sharing? Are Sharers Relevant to Your Content? They both recommend the same new restaurant. You are likely to listen to both, but whose opinion will have more impact? Who is more relevant? Image: benjamin bannister III. Crosslinking Your Brand A simple way to show relevancy in your brand is through crosslinking.

BravoEcho, make sure your main site, BravoEcho. Do the same for those separate networks. Make it easy for Google to know you are the same entity. Crosslinking is simple and easy to implement. So do it. Choose accurate keywords in your content. Image: benjamin bannister IVa. Keywords are Queen Keywords, or search terms, are what Google uses to index your site. Not anymore. But no, I wanted something different, not to be contrarian, but something that accurately represented the content best. Write an Accurate Meta Description In addition to keywords in your title, there is the meta description tag in your html code.

Google has smart programmers who see through this immediately. Always use custom URLs with keywords. Image: benjamin bannister IVc. Google is not going to understand what gibberish numbers and letters are in your URL. Make it clear for them.

TIP: Use a dash - between words when naming web links and files. It helps Google separate the words. Whenever I create graphics and save images, I make sure file names do multiple things: Identifies the photo Has a consistent naming scheme Has keywords Like naming the title of your content, two things matter in photos: the name of the file, and the caption you give it or the text around it.

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I can add that as a caption instead. I personally include my name if I create a graphic. However, if that makes the file name too long, I take it out. NOTE: If you post to other sites, they may automatically rename your images. Keep naming files with consistency. Depth and Conciseness of Your Content Matters Gone are the days where you could write a word piece, throw in some links to other popular content, and end up at the top of the charts. I want a thick, juicy, medium-rare piece of meat to chew on, with very little fat.

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That was a metaphor. Define the word.

You can add related words and context examples, but that word definition should be the first thing a user sees. UX User Experience is a Factor A site that is well-designed, intuitive, and easy to use, will get points for being properly made. This created a dramatic shift in SERPs. Google Penguin In April of the search engine giant released the Google Penguin which set out to punish sites that tried to implement more evasive techniques for trying to quickly rank their Websites on SERPs.

These are techniques that Webmasters and SEO specialists were using for years that can now backfire and not only see you drop in rankings, but worse, even see you face possible de-indexing.

These algorithm changes shifted the entire SEO landscape in … It's important that you understand what methods will work today and what won't and The SEO Black Book offers you an intuitive approach to ranking with SEO in and beyond. The practical methods, tools, and techniques covered in The SEO Black Book stem from over a decade of my knowledge involving research and work in the field of search engine optimization. Don't fall victim to the industry pitfalls. Without the right knowledge, information and tools you will be risking a slow and painful climb up the SEO ladder.

Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 1st Edition , pages. More Details Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book.

Secret #2: Use customer reviews in search results

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 19, Danny Hui rated it really liked it. Although it about 4 years old now, the content and techniques can still be applied today. Spoilers: The first section of the book covers SEO what it means and the basics.