PDF Eastern Destiny: Russia in Asia and the North Pacific

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Eastern Destiny: Russia in Asia and the North Pacific is the history of a remarkable eastern expansion under tsars, emperors, and commissars. The narrative.
Table of contents

Asia Pacific Bulletin. Titles in this series. Emerging Trends in India-U. Oil and Gas Engagement. Belt and Road Initiative 2. Expanding Opportunities for Multinational Corporations in U. Russia and India: Correcting Damaged Relations. China in Russia's Turn to the East.

Mursitama, Shidarta, and Yi Ying. Free and Open Indo-Pacific.

Ab Imperio

Yang and Jeremy Chiang. Cambodia-North Korea Relations. The Philippine-US Alliance in The Limitations of Summits around the Korean Peninsula. David Scott. Steven McGann. Japan's Oceania Engagement and Maritime Security.


Eastern Destiny: Russia in Asia and the North Pacific

The United States is Losing the Pacific. Strategic Overview of Oceania. Populist Politics in Indonesia. Curry, Jr. Promises and Pitfalls of the Belt and Road Initiative. Vietnam is a Promising Partner for the Trump Administration. Australian Defense Policy in the Trump Era. Putting the Pacific on China's Radar. Bilateral and Regional Implications of the U. Duterte, Mindanao, and Political Culture. Presidential Election. Fiscal Deficit and Fiscal Reform in Japan.

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The U. Implications for Southeast Asia of the New U. Trilateral Dialogue Gains Additional Traction. Woo Jung-Yeop and Eileen Block. Next Steps for U. An Emerging 3rd Pillar in Asian Architecture? Eyes on the Prize? Amador III.

Is Russia In Europe Or Asia?

Australia and the Importance of Being Global. Myanmar: Taking the Long View. India's Strategic Culture and U. Strategy: What Should Be Done? Caveats for the Mongolia-China Strategic Partnership. US Arms Sales to India. La Porta. Can China and India Coexist in Myanmar? Ott and Kenneth M. Japan in East Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for The Expanding Indo-Japanese Partnership. Australia and India: Indo-Pacific Partners. Conflict Prevention Urgent for the Senkaku Conundrum. The Ongoing Talibanization of Karachi. Dignity in International Relations. South Korea: Give Nukes a Chance.

Japanese Politics: "Season Three". Whatever Happened to Myanmar as the "Outpost of Tyranny"? Chinese Domestic Debates on Public Diplomacy. Mongolia's Turn at the "Great Game".

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Sri Lanka's Ongoing Struggle for Democracy. Part of the Pivot? False Hopes for Chinese Economic "Integration". India, Thailand and the Burma Connection. The Foundation of China's Future Stability. Europe's Renaissance or Its Judgment Day? China Still has a Long Way to Go. Jade or JADE? Something is Happening: This Time in Thailand.

Good Luck! Policy Lessons for Japanese Disaster Responses. Incomplete Reform of India's Service Sector. Soul Searching Singapore's General Election. Developing US-Mongolian Relations. Reimagining Chinese Indonesians in Democratic Indonesia. Multilateralizing Chindia. Want a New Map of Asia? Include the United States. Australia and Japan: Allies in Partnership. Glum and Glummer in Japan. If South Korea Retaliates. Pakistan's Courts: A Counterterrorism Challenge. China's Ambitions in the South China Sea.

Russia’s Pacific Destiny - The American Interest

I have been honored with the confidence of those who are working to shape their countries' destinies. I have been privileged to look behind the scenes. Today I want to tell you something of my experiences of the past weeks. In the first place, I am today more than ever an American. The more I examine other countries, the more convinced I am that the American way of life is the best way for us. In the second place, we can and should fit our own way of life to cooperation with other nations and other peoples whose way of life is different from ours but who need our cooperation Quite as much as we need theirs, and who are not only willing but eager to cooperate with us.

This will give to our Pacific Coast an importance greater than it has ever had before, and I am glad, returning from Soviet Asia and China, that Seattle is my port of entry. No city is more American in spirit and action than Seattle.

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  • Eastern destiny : Russia in Asia and the North Pacific.
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But no city has shown itself more alive to the importance of our relations with the other areas of the North Pacific. The spirit is well exemplified, not only in your active peace-time trade with Asia, but also in the University of Washington, where for several years you have worked on integrating the study of the languages, cultures, history, politics and economics of the Pacific. We shall need all our resources of knowledge and all our American readiness to think out new ways of tackling new problems when we have won the war in the Pacific.

Then we shall think more and more of our West as a link with the East of Asia.

Hear it from the experts

Those who say that East is East and West is West and that the two shall never meet are wrong. The East of Asia, both Chinese and Russian, is on the move in a way which is easy for any American to understand who sees these great areas at first-hand for himself. The rapid agricultural and industrial development of this great area means so much to the peace and prosperity of the post-war world that I am glad on my return to America to give my impressions of the manifest destiny of the west of America and the east of Asia.

Here in Northwest United States we were long held back by unfair freight rates and by failure to develop the power inherent in the great rivers. But more and more we are perceiving the importance of strengthening our West and especially our Northwest. This expansion must continue to the limit of its agricultural, industrial and commercial potentialities. This includes Alaska, which has not yet begun to measure up to its possibilities. Our growth must be not merely in terms of ourselves, but also in terms of Asia.

Vigorous two-way trade with Soviet Asia and China will greatly increase the population and prosperity of our Northwest. All of this I knew in a theoretical way before going to Asia.