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The words e-business and e-commerce are often used interchangeably but there is a subtle difference between the two. While e-business is the range of business activities conducted online, e-commerce is actually the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet. Many traditional businesses have found that there are many perks to be gained from having an online platform. Typically, e-businesses have lower overheads, are more convenient to shoppers, benefit from little to no inventory costs, and reach a much wider audience specific to their niche, to name a few.

The internet has significantly diversified marketing as we know it. Online businesses can benefit from content marketing and social media marketing, which come with their own methodologies.


What makes e-marketing so effective is how it facilitates customer relations management or CRM. CRM focuses on customer retention and sales growth, which is critical to your business. CRM benefits from using data science such as data analytics to gain important insights and information on customer behavior.

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This in turn helps businesses to improve and fine-tune their offerings with an aim to increasing their competitive advantage. The way we manage businesses has evolved with the advent of information technology. Management functions such as planning, organizing, and controlling can be improved by the internet and other electronic technology.

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The number of electronic businesses has grown considerably since the Internet was launched. Today, in all aspects of our daily lives, the Internet has become an undivided part of our lives, as it has a versatile impact on our social activities. The Internet economy is booming.

Internet instead of telephone directories or yellow pages for reviews of convenience products and to obtain updated information for your search and requirements. Also Read: Scope of e-Commerce. A business owner simply can not trust an ad in the phone book, in fact, customers are 15 times more likely to search the Internet than those who look in a phone book to call a company. Each business is different in its aspect, even each business differs in style, promotion, and volume, but the power requirement is the same for everyone, but nowadays; It is important that life in the Internet world be updated with respect to the business transaction if you want to remain competitive with others.

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In the long term, the net operating cost of a website becomes insignificant compared to the return on investment provided by the advertisement. The impact of e-commerce and its commercial impact on society has varied according to the models. The social impact of e-commerce can be measured by satisfaction and trust through the following factors:. The main advantage of shopping online or online is that at no time one can know the characteristics of the item you want to buy and you can also compare the quality and its characteristics with another competitive brand available in the market along with the feedback result of Other users.

However, the secure payment transactions provided by the website to Internet users are quick to overcome the fears. Demand for electronic commerce techniques and tools. Also Read: Speed up WooCommerce. If we buy from an online store, we spend low operating costs; we have a better quality of service and, therefore, additional costs can save us unnecessary costs.

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Duration 4 Months. Start - 4th Mar Time to start your own eCommerce business This program in eCommerce Business Management has been designed with an intent to introduce participants to the concepts, elements, business models and other dynamics of running an electronic commerce business. Gain access to Talentedge's Cloud Campus This contains course presentations, projects, case studies, assignments and other reference materials as applicable to this program.

Who should attend Professionals. Interns or early professionals looking to start a career in the eCommerce industry. For International Participants — Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institution in their respective country. Corporate Nominated Educational qualification criteria may be considered for exemption in cases where participants have some prior work experience.

View Sample Certificate. Our Alumni. Pankhuri Kumari Sr. MICA Formerly Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad Established in , MICA is the first residential institute in the country, and perhaps in the Asia- Pacific region, dedicated to meeting the integrated marketing communication needs of the industry, government and community.

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Module 2: Digital Business Models. Module 3: Tools and Techniques of E-Business. Module 4: Digital Marketing. Module 5: Customer Acquisition. Module 6: Business Operations. Module 7: Laws, Regulations and Compliance.

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